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Premium Domains provide reputable brand location's for businesses to offer their products and services on the Internet and are scarce, limited in nature to only one single name per company, they offer differentiating branding factors for companies targeting a specific market, industry or region and instant brand recognition and reputation, necessary for Industry leaders. 

Investing in Premium Domains is no different than investing in any other asset class, Owners of Premium Domains take solace in the fact of appreciating values and validity of the domain names via increasingly growing "type-in" traffic, which in turn increases the domain brand reputation as business models on the internet continue to evolve. 

Premium Domain Names are investment quality asset, whose value's continue to grow and have out performed every other investment asset class, such as precious metals, commodities and real estate over the last decades.

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In recent years, due to increasingly rising Premium Domain values, domain owners have had to defend their domain investments against various "reverse hijacking" attempts from companies, who instead of negotiating and paying asking values by the domain owner have instead tried to claim ownership illegally, by means of alleging "registration in bad faith" against the domain owner. 

Such companies risk losing their "Trade and Service Marks' to the domain owner, as any "service or trade mark" registered without the ownership of the Premium Domain in concern, can also be looked upon as infringing on the rights of the registered domain owner, who for all events and purposes had registered the domain name much before the new business even thought of the brand name. 

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In other words, If you want the name, negotiate with the domain owner on price for cash and/or equity or if you can't afford it, then leasing the domain name is the only option for the performance and potential towards your online venture.