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Why are your Premium Domains listed, for lease and Not for sale?

First things first, the Internet is Dynamic, Business Models evolve over time and for businesses starting up on the web for the first time, find it more appropriate to lease a domain name as compared to making an expensive domain purchasing decision. Bidlease.com premium domain lists, consists of domains, which were developed at one time in the past and domain owners have incurred various costs associated with the domains. Additionally, domain owners may have future development plans on specific domains, therefore their interest is to lease the domains rather than an outright sale.

Am Interested to purchase one of your premium Domain? Will you sell them?

Bidlease.com is a Intellectual Property Broker, we will bring forward your inquiry to the respective domain owner/s and its their decision to participate in such a sale, in most cases, we know, that if the price offered for purchase is appropriate, a sale can be concluded, If pricing is an issue, leasing is the only alternative option available and Bidlease.com will be able to assist you, in concluding such a transaction.

How is the transaction concluded?, what safety of funds are undertaken?

To begin with, start off with filling out an inquiry form on any of the Domain Name or Asset you are interested in, We will respond with a leasing rate and discuss all available options with the lessee or purchaser. If a lease is undertaken, a contract is drafted and executed, upon which, Nameservers are mapped for the specific domain in question and Lessee's then have control over the domain name as agreed upon in the contract. If a purchase is undertaken, sellers and buyers can choose their own escrow brokers and purchaser transfers funds into the escrow and the asset transferred in the same manner into escrow, once payment obligation is concluded, the assets are exchanged and transaction is concluded.

What rights does the domain owner have as against a newly registered trademark?

In most cases, the domain owner has the right from the date of registration, in most of the domains listed on Bidlease.com are from the early days of the Internet, when domain names were first allowed to be registered by the public. Domain owners over the years, have invested various capital in developing their domain and its respective brand and have exercised their rights as granted as per their domain ownership rights. Most trademarks, copyrights and business marks registered later have no bearing, over these domain owners and the domain name, its respective brand, usage are the exclusive right of the specific domain in question and therefore, purchasing an aged domain is superior to most new business trademarks, which have no bearing as against the rights of specific domain owners.

Country Domain vs top level TLD's, I have a dot com and someone has the country specific domain address with my domain name, do i have a right to

Dot coms were originally administered by the United States Department of Defense, but is today operated by Verisign and remains under the ultimate jurisdiction of US law. Dot Com's are one of teh Top level Domains, which are superior than country specific domains, such as com.hk, co.uk, com.sg, and so on. At times, dot.com's can easily be made into country specific domains such as hk.domainname.com and uk.domainname.com and so on, on the other hand, country specific domains could be using a domain, such as domainname.com.hk and a confusion may arise in such an event. The dot com is a global suffix and therefore has rights on a global basis vs a country specific domain. For more information on this, please seek our a professional domain and IP lawyer in this regards.

What are the uses of Domain Name, why is it called a host name?

Every device connected on the Internet, needs some sort of address to be found, in most cases these addresses are known as IP addresses, which basically maps out the device on the Internet and allows it to be found and communicate with other devices, without such an address, its next to impossible to connect and send and receive on the Internet, in short, the device has to be located and found and therefore IP addresses are used, but IP addresses are not user-friendly for the Public, as they can't be memorized with ease and thus with this challenge began the issuance of Domain Names. With a domain name, any device that is connected to the Internet can be mapped, be it a phone, computer, website and email addresses, with unlimited variations.

What is with Domain Investing?

In recent years, Premium Domain Names have been appreciating in value, the reason for this, is they are limited in Number. there is only one redpacket.com or business.com in the entire world, lately some of these domains are trading in millions of dollars per name, for more details, please visit, dnjournal.com , who provides detail statistics on domain name transactions on a weekly basis. In our Opinion and as an Investment, Premium Domain Names are priceless in the New Digital Economy.