Bid Leasing About Bid Leasing


Bid leasing is a unique approach to monetizing under utilized IP assets such as internet domain names, turnkey websites, trademarks, brand names, application software or code. offers, short, memorable, descriptive premium aged internet domains and web projects to businesses and entrepreneurs for their usage on a lease basis with options to purchase the intellectual asset during the tenure of the lease.

New Internet Ventures often find themselves in disarray, fighting for traffic and exposure, when their preferred matching premium domain name is owned by someone else, thus, becoming an online barrier to entry for their ventures and attempts to "fitting"  the venture to an available domain, simply doesn't work. solves this problem by matching businesses requiring specific premium domain names in a "best bid" to lease system.  

This works for both parties, domain owners can monetize their asset and new venturing businesses testing a new brand, product, service or commercial venture can avoid the risk of making an expensive purchase's by bid-leasing premium assets for a maximum period of three years with renewal of additional three years. 

An "option to purchase" is incorporated in the service lease agreement, subject to mutual agreement by both parties.

Leasee's are granted Name-server's access allowing unrestricted domain control for deployment of websites, emails and every other possible resources on the domain name in this manner. 

Conditions of use are restricted to the Terms and conditions as agreed upon during the signing of the lease agreement. 

What do we do?

 Domain Leasing

Lease a domain from a minimum of six months up to a period of six years. Two months deposit and one month advance of monthly lease applies. Activation within 2 business days and negotiable tenures. 

 Domain Sales

Domains are also available for sale without leasing. Talk to your account manager.

Domain Financing. 

We provide domain financing on premium domains with 20% down payment, amortized over 5 years.

Domain Acquisition

Looking to build a new brand or launch a new product / project. We can help you acquire the right domain, even if its not listed on our site and we may be able to even guide you on the right strategy and price. 

Skills and expertise

Business Consultancy 92%

Software Development 74%

Brokerage 85%

Brand Development 75%

Marketing & PR 63%

More then 20 years of experience

We have been building on the internet network for a long time and this is what we can share with budding entrepreneurs.  

Find your passion, Do what drives you. The Internet is a unique opportunity to remain local and sell global. No longer one is limited by his location but by his level of skill's, Which in turn can be tempered according to your passion for learning And your contributing idea's for change.

There is ample learning resources on the web and anyone can create an website, an app, offer a product or service for someone elsewhere, who you can be sure is looking for it. Can you be found?. Its a big marketplace with billions of people, with the Internet as the center node keeping us together in this global community.  

Grow with your passion and deliver value in your offering and you will realize in time, all your dreams of personal success, wealth and prosperity is at your doorstep. The Internet is our planet's first universal game changer. Are you ready to be part of it?